Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bay County Beach Re-Nourishment: a dredging blog

Took this photo of the dredge this morning; they’ll be here on the beach for the next three months or possibly a little longer. We have a re-nourishment project going on and it’s truly quite different. I say this because normally dredging is done in the Destin Sound or in one of the bay areas. This is the first dredge operation I’ve seen on the beach itself. The project hit the press today, and I’m glad it did.

When the amphibious vehicle first appeared on the beach acquisitions connected to the Deep Horizon Incident started flying through the air like jets flying across the sky. Mostly because people enjoying the beach were truly finding black tar type tar balls in the surf and on the shoreline. And it’s hard for locals when questions arise that can’t be answered before researching or letting bureaucracy take its course. However, we probably are in need of the re-nourishment project.

In 2008 we found a multitude of dead minnows on the beach and no red tide to justify the occurrence. The mysterious element revolved around only discovering a single species lying dead at the water’s edge. With the project under way there is still an element of mystery in the air, only it now revolves around the purpose of the amphibious vehicle or work platform. No one knows exactly what part the vehicle plays in the “all” of the job although it does prove to be quite an active piece of machinery. I’ve been doing a little research, googling dredge operations and related items, but I haven’t uncovered an amphibious vehicle like the one shown in this blog (yet) therefore there is still a question to answer. (You can click on the photos for a closer look.)


  1. Very interesting. I wonder if it's considered an amphibious vehicle if its wheels are still in contact with the ground, even though they're underwater. Hmmm.
    Anyway, I can only imagine the drivers and passengers, if any, are really enjoying at least that part of their job (ie; the ride).

  2. Googling around it seems that its considered amphibian because it's driven on the beach and in the water. But you do make a good point because it's the same ground, only underwater. I've been watching and it looks like it could get a little boring but the driver does get to drive in and out of the water and along the shoreline for the better part of the day. Thinking on it like that, he's probably got a great job.