Friday, October 9, 2015

Blue Screen: Automatic Repair Loop Windows 8.1

The blue screen errors and infinite boot and repair loops are becoming the most annoying and laborsome issues I've seen since the Windows 1995 lock-ups. I mean if this is moving into the future I could easily build a realm just for computing in past versions or at least Windows Vista.

Yesterday, I found myself ordering a recovery kit from HP for my desktop that's been out of warranty now for a couple of years. The cost for the kit was really inexpensive and the kit should be arriving sometime next week. 

Seemingly enough, I computed on with my laptop; did a usual shut down and went about some daily chores. Upon starting-up, a new blue screen appears and the system goes into an automatic repair loop like a bite from a rabbied dog. The system didn't respond to a hard reset, f11 commands, nothing. 

A couple of days before my laptop took the big bite in the butt, I began receiving notifications stating something like the system was unable to connect to the Windows server, and maybe that's the root of the issue. But whatever is causing these issues something tells me Microsoft needs to put this move into the future in major check. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

BlueDeath; Stuck in a Loop

Woke-up yesterday morning like most every morning. Snagged a cup of coffee and went to check my emails. Nothing outstanding happened; I cranked-up the computer and did the usual read and delete.

After showering and getting ready to leave for work, I went back to the computer cave to shut down the desktop and got slapped with the blue screen; "critical process died." Oh man, it wacked my reality big time.

Needless to say, or the nevertheless is that I was up all night trying to revive my system. Googling didn't seem to do anything but let me know how many others sat in the face of blue death.

Running diagnostics; did a start-up repair etc., was useless. And at one point I found myself tossing around taking the system back to the factory settings, using a system image. That would've been the wisest choice but it's the one I didn't make.

I chose to reset the computer instead and the issue ramified, creating a new problem: the infinite reboot loop. DO NOT RESET in the face of death. Especially, if you upgraded.

Anyway, I began hitting the Microsoft support forums and burned a media creation disk for Windows 10. Of course, you know that didn't work due to the complete reset

And the big problem rests on accessing the advanced boot options; the boot loop overrides the F8 command so I'm not only dealing with BlueDeath, I'm stuck with a loop that I can't seem to end; looks like I'll have to contact the manufacturer to acquire an installation disk.