Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Coming Back from Death: The Psychological

Did you really think the blog was going photos again? LOL. Well it did for a few days but I just can't get past the blue screen death error. It's hard to believe how much that down embedded in my computing element. I've been online for a decade and a half and the Trojans are detectable.

I'll never forget the time the man from AOL phoned because they suspected someone sent a Trojan Horse to my email; thought the man was F.B.I and that I was a goner even if I didn't know for what. I stood frozen for a moment with the phone in my hand but I was thankful when I heard that it was just a mail bomb, so to say.

However, this last ordeal took a toll on me, really. With the system moving backward to Windows 8, I frequently receive notification of the free upgrade to 8.1 and click the remind me later button knowing that I need to get past this fear of the computer going down again.

I've went over everything that happened leading up to the error and determined causes for the occurrence. One big thing and probably "the thing" that made it seem impossible to recover the system rested in the BIOS.

About three weeks or more before the free upgrade to Windows 10 was available, Intel sent a BIOS update. I've never received one of those before and felt a little shaky opting to run it; I know why. Surveying the support forums at HP's site, I found information about BIOS updates and the manufacturer states not to perform those updates unless they come from them. Makes sense; who would know the computers better than the people who manufacture them 

And even with awesome backward compatibility, Windows 10 will time out if it cannot update drivers to your older hardware. The automatic repair feature kicks in and you find yourself in the never ending repair loop.

Dealing with this new and embedded fear and processing information gained during my system down time, I came up with a remedy for some aspects of the psychological. First, I make sure not to run any BIOS updates, then I hide any updates that can't be installed on a second attempt; buy a new printer, even if there's nothing wrong with the one I currently use.  Speaking of printers, I need to plug it into to the USB and install new drivers...smiling.

Edited 11/20/2015

Monday, October 26, 2015

Thunder Beach Fall Rally, 2015: Taking Some Time Out

Couldn't believe the boss man actually scheduled me off for the weekend of the fall rally and it was much appreciated. Gave me the first opportunity, since 2013, to shoot the bikes at Pier Park.

The local media had a bunch of people running around about how this year's fall rally was the largest turn out ever. That was a bunch of bull. Probably more along the lines of the best fall turn out in the past couple of years.

There were some changes. The bike show at Pier Park was held by Southern Biker Magazine instead of US Rider's News or whatever. And they closed off a portion of the main drag through Pier Park for the show. It upset a few people but nobody bitched too much. Think it was more of a WTF than anything else. Especially, for those accustomed to riding through the mall.

It was a little strange but Pier Park is growing and changing. They put in a little pool for the kids where we normally see the customs parked for the show. But re-thinking the show for the 2016, Spring Rally shouldn't be too hard to do, as there is plenty of room to show
the bikes around the Grand Theater. The show typically uses a street that runs between the theater and the area where the new little pool is too; as you may already figure, I hope to see the main drag re-opened for the next show.
Can't say that the change in sponsors didn't spark some concerns for me. Going to the official customs show is the one thing I do faithfully. And it's been a safe haven for me too; a place where I can enjoy being around the bikes without worrying about biker politics and stuff like that (even if conformity has came up). Plus, it makes for some badass assets. It was good to see the Journey of the Hunt there again this year. It's the only bike in the show I remember from the last time I got to shoot. There's something to it, that's forsure. 

I call this last bike the Bon Jovi bike (hope the owner doesn't mind) and it's the one I'd love to own. Big enough to keep me out of trouble. A sportster is more like something to get too sporty with or a one way ticket to too much fun. Besides, I got over the 883 on a week or two in Georgia. Not to mention I-75 and rain. Just not the bike I want to dance with. But don't ask me about a 69; it's an old school rule ;)