Thursday, January 5, 2017

The inaugural 2017: Alice Copper


Friday, November 18, 2016

Post election: personal insights

It’s quite time after the election in my house, and Trump’s still making noise with Trump Tower in the morning news. Did Americans see protests in Hyde Park near Obama's home when he was elected or did we see photos of his home? I dunno. But after this morning I’ll never forget Trump Tower in New York or Chicago. And believe me, I never knew it existed before President- elect Donald Trump.

Ever since the results came in I’ve visions of a Trump America and even a Lex Luther Trump Universe. It seems (to me) he went avian putting on his republican wings to put his name on the White House. Let’s see if at some point it doesn’t get referred to as a Trump White House (or already has) when everything the man touches gets named "Trump". It’s becoming quit daunting.

I’m anti-Trump and I don’t mind admitting it. And if you asked me if I voted, I’d tell you no. I’ve only registered to vote a couple of times in my life (and maybe once in the 80s ) but never voted in any election.   
I come from a rigid republican culture but was rejected there and raised democrat.  I’ve attended council meetings on the local level and even worked on larger scale campaigns. Will you find me on the books? Probably not.

Maybe it’s because America divides itself into two parties and everything must move on this fault in logic. Add a third party; the independent party, and it’s overwhelmed by multitudes running political locomotion or on the push-pull one-two principle embedded in American politics: Ross Perot. 

I want to vote for the person who is most qualified, and the person 
I know will do the best job. And that doesn’t mean I’m anti-political, it makes me a hard person to convince. No one is going to hand me a rucksack full of quick fixes and expect me to bite in when in reality there are no quick fixes in a bureaucracy.

(updated 11/22/2016)